Jessica Marie Johnson

Jessica is a communications professional, published writer, freelance content writer, and content curator. She is passionate about curating words in a captivating, yet simplistic manner for public consumption and advancement. Jessica holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English (Professional Writing Concentration) and a Master of Arts degree in Communication and Media Studies. In her spare time, she loves to exercise, read, and stay involved with her community. She is the editor-in-chief of A Silent Riota blog dedicated to silencing fear. Please explore the portfolio to sample a small portion of her work! 

It’s Complicated

I read and re-read the message. It was one of recognition, finally. I sat in glee, proud at the fact that my dedication was paying off and God’s grace was working still. Unable to rest, I paced the floor while reading the message once again; they were impressed with my skillset and wanted to interview me?! I called my mom to share the good news while simultaneously perusing the company website for hours – collecting data and becoming slightly obsessed in anticipation of my promised land. I inte

In the Closet

I think I have a faint memory of who you use to be… Or maybe that’s just what I wanted you to be… Stuffy. Dark. Crowded. We maneuver through this 80’s themed wardrobe. Mustard colored corduroy pants and thick matching shirts droop from a hanger in the front closet – in the foyer – by the door. Long leather belts hang from the rail – some multicolored, some plain, some so old I can see the creases in them from the wear and tear. There’s a million jackets and other bits and pieces of clothing ha

Does Purpose Pay?

A few weeks ago, while in conversation with a close friend, we discussed the concept of purpose. The conversation began by way of her scrolling on social media. She stopped on a post made by a guy we met in college. In his post, he shared a new job he was embarking on and equated it to walking in his purpose. As she showed me the post, I expressed my disinterest with people equating a job to purpose. She asked why and I stated that I don’t believe ones’ career is always a reflection of walking i